Order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Finale
1 Lisa Yachana Anna Lisa Lisa Yachana Tigeria Gabriella
2 Gabriella Ana-Maria Tigeria Yachana Aurora Tess Saskia Ana-Maria
3 Luna Amila Tia Stasia Tia Anna Stasia Lisa
4 Tia Lisa Lisa Adonaj Tigeria Tigeria Tess Aurora
5 Amila Stasia Ana-Maria Amila Yachana Adonaj Yachana Tigeria
6 Stasia Aurora Luna Luna Tess Lisa Lisa Tia
7 Tess Luna Aurora Tess Ana-Maria Ana-Maria Adonaj Yachana
8 Aurora Tia Adonaj Anna Anna Amila Aurora Tess
9 Saskia Adonaj Gabriella Tia Amila Luna Tia Luna
10 Anna Tigeria Saskia Tigeria Adonaj Gabriella Gabriella Stasia
11 Ana-Maria Tess Tess Aurora Gabriella Aurora Luna Adonaj
12 Tigeria Gabriella Amila Gabriella Luna Stasia Ana-Maria Saskia
13 Adonaj Saskia Yachana Ana-Maria Saskia Tia Anna Ana
14 Yachana Anna Stasia Saskia Stasia Saskia Amila Amila
15 Angelique
16 Cecedit
Colour Meaning
Should Be Eliminated (In my opinion)
Actual Eliminees
Actual Eliminees and in my opinion
Eliminated and Come back for 2nd chance
Withdraw with the competition

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