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Welcome to Nhut's Sims 3 Next Top Model wiki

This is a sims 3 series that based on a reality show America's next top model.The competition start with 10-13 the model wannabes and each episode 1 girls have to leave the competition


  • A cover on Italian Vouge
  • A contract with Vouge Angency and Versatile Magazine
  • A contract and cover with Elite Magazine
  • $100 000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics


Cycle: Winner: Runner-up: Contestant:
2 Alexa Andrea

Out: Jasmine l Francesca l Aurora l Myla l


Von Lily

Out: Mildred l Jessica l Atong l Toshiko l Alasia l Melissa l


Susan Nazalia

Out: Maria l Heidi l Anna l Becky l Jennah Raye l Gwen l Darcy l Khepri l

5 Kylie Topiara

Out: Teresa l Anouk l Esmaralda l Hayley l Shay l Jane l Roweida l Mai l Jessica l Zarya l Breanne l

6 Yori Kate Out: Daina l Mika l Autumm l Raina l Felin l Georgia l Amelia l Keiko
7 Topiara Atong Out: Myla l Khepri l Keiko l Nazalia l Amelia l Jane l Georgia l Kate
8 Shambhavi Chavis

Out : Julianna l Alisha l Regina l Tiffani l Elspeth l AzMarie l Jenny l Adria


Nikoll Alanna

Out: Graciella l Kai l Katie l Celestia l Anne l Kylie l Jordan l Kerisse l Susan


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