Sims 3 Next Top Model , Cycle 8 (also known as Sims 3 Next Top Model : Model Boot Camp) . It premiered on the 3rd of June,2012. This cycle features ten wanna be models who will live their live in a hard working boot camp to train to become a well rounded model in the fashion industry.

The CastEdit

Name Age Height Rank
Adria Phelps 20 6'1" 3rd
Alisha Vandile 16 5'9 9th
AzMarie Livingstion 24 5'7 5th
Chavis Ports 21 6'0" Runer-up
Elspeth Noir 20 5'6 6th
Jenny Fuglsang 23 5'10 4th
Julianna 18 5'11 10th
Regina "Gina" Fox 20 5'9 8th
Shambhavi 17 5'9 Winner
Tiffani Cheng 21 5'9 7th


Order Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Finale
1 Adria Chavis Shambhavi Adria AzMarie Adria Chavis Shambhavi Shambhavi
2 AzMarie Shambhavi Tiffani AzMarie Chavis Chavis Shambhavi Chavis Chavis
3 Shambhavi Adria Elspeth Shambhavi Jenny Jenny Adria Adria
4 Jenny Tiffani Adria Elspeth Shambhavi Shambhavi Jenny
5 Tiffani Elspeth Chavis Jenny Adria AzMarie
6 Chavis Jenny AzMarie Chavis Elspeth
7 Regina Regina Jenny Tiffani
8 Alisha AzMarie Regina
9 Elspeth Alisha
10 Julianna
Colour Meaning
Model who won the whole competition
Models with poorly produce photo and was eliminated
Models who win weekly challenges
Model Of The Week
Model Of The Week & Model who win weekly challenges

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