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Sims 3 Next Top Model , Cycle 7 (also known as Sims 3 Next Top Model : All Stars) . It premiered on the 12th of April,2012. This cycle features ten returning models from previous season.

The Cast

This season has subtitled "All-Stars",featuring ten returning non-winning contestants representing four of the series' six cycles (Cycles 1 unrepresented) for a second chance to win the title. Cycle 4,5 and 6 which represented more than one contestant. The returning contestants and their prior placement are:

Previous Season Contestant Rank
Cycle 2 Myla 3rd place
Cycle 3 Atong 6th place
Cycle 4 Nazalia 2nd place
Cycle 4 Khepri 3rd place
Cycle 5 Topiara 2nd place
Cycle 5 Jane 8th place
Cycle 6 Kate 2nd place
Cycle 6 Keiko 3rd place
Cycle 6 Amelia 4th place
Cycle 6 Georgia 5th place


Order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Finale
1 Amelia Atong Atong Topiara Jane Kate Kate Atong Topiara
2 Georgia Kate Georgia Jane Atong Georgia Atong Topiara Atong
3 Topiara Topiara Topiara Amelia Topiara Atong Topiara Kate
4 Keiko Nazalia Jane Nazalia Georgia Jane Georgia
5 Kate Amelia Amelia Georgia Amelia Topiara Jane
6 Myla Jane Keiko Kate Kate Amelia
7 Khepri Georgia Nazalia Atong Nazalia
8 Nazalia Keiko Kate Keiko
9 Atong Khepri Khepri
10 Jane Myla
  • In episode 2 the team of Amelia, Atong, Kate, Nazalia and Topiara were immune from elimination after their team was said to have a better ad compaign. At panel, the five immune girls were judged seperately from the non-immune group.
Colour Meaning
Model who won the whole competition
Models who was immune from elimination
Models with poorly produce photo and was eliminated
Models who was part of non-elimination bottom 2

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