S3NTM cycle 5 fade out

Cycle 5 premired on the 1st of June,2011

New host Tyra Banks-retired supermodel and Lute-Vouge Agency Manager.

This cycle increase the number of the competitors in the competition to 13.

The international destination was Sydney,Australia.

The winner was Kylie



Creator Rank



Anouk UniqueBeauty150 12th/11th
Esmaralda BrushYourCats 12th/11th
Hayley djjwilliams 10th
Shay Sims2productionmaker 9th
Jane Sims3Fanatic09 8th
Roweida LutjuLuTeTe 7th
Mai ContemporarySims 6th
Zarya TheS3NTM 5th
Jessica S3SProductions 4th
Breanne iExitement 3rd
Topiara SaintPita Runner-up
Kylie simsseriesmaker Winner


Order Casting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Finale Finale
1 Jessica Jane Breanne Jessica Mai Breanne Jessica Kylie Topiara Kylie Topiara Kylie
2 Breanne Kylie Hayley Mai Kylie Kylie Kylie Zarya Kylie Topiara Kylie Topiara
3 Zarya Mai Zarya Breanne Zarya Topiara Topiara Topiara Breanne Breanne Breanne
4 Hayley Shay Roweida Roweida Jessica Roweida Breanne Breanne Jessica Jessica
5 Kylie Esmaralda Topiara Topiara Jane Mai Zarya Jessica Zarya
6 Esmaralda Zarya Mai Kylie Breanne Jessica Mai Mai
7 Anouk Hayley Shay Shay Roweida Zarya Roweida
8 Teresa Breanne Kylie Zarya Topiara Jane
9 Topiara Jessica Jessica Jane Shay
10 Mai Roweida Jane Hayley
11 Jane Topiara Esmaralda
12 Roweida Anouk Anouk
13 Shay Teresa
Colour Meaning
The girl that won
The girl that came 2nd
The girl that eleminated
The girl that won the challenge

Photoshoot GuideEdit

Episode 1: Light

Episode 2: Demon & Angel Beautyshot

Episode 3: Military wear

Episode 4: Jeans ad without top

Episode 5: Couture gown

Episode 6: SunGlasses ad

Episode 7: Swimsuit spread

Episode 8: Lingerie in the Dessert

Episode 9: Exotic forest

Finale: CoverGirl

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