SNTM cycle 3 winner

Cycle 3 was premiered on May 15,2010.

2 permanent judges from previous cycle- Arin,winner of cycle 1 and supermodel and Ms J,runway couch.

The international destination for this cycle is Tokyo,Japan.

The winner was 22 years old,Von Marlynn-Tsumika.


Order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Toshiko Lili Melissa Lili Von Von Von
2 Lili Toshiko Von Von Melissa Lili Lili
3 Von Atong Alasia Melissa Lili Melissa
4 Alasia Von Lili Alasia Alasia
5 Jessica Melissa Toshiko Toshiko
6 Melissa Alasia Atong
7 Atong Jessica
8 Mildred
Colour Meaning
The girl that win the cycle
The girl that come 2nd
The girl that eliminated

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